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About Us


Hello. My name is Bill. Throughout my childhood, I wasn't the best individual when it came to be the best of myself. I made decisions that impacted my behavior at the time, in not too positive a light. I wanted to change that, so I started to redirect my mind to focus more on positive perspectives for the future. Furthermore, during my freshman year in college, I decided to start a clothing brand that crystallized these core values with my love for technology and my artistic mindset. I was able to incorporate them to create my brand, and thus Blix was born.

The Brand

Established in 2020, Blix is a Swedish name. It means the act of showing joy and cheer or the glimmer of positivity within oneself. Blix reflects who you are and the joy you find in yourself. Blix is also about the smiles that form when your name is heard. Ultimately, fashion is meant to exhibit norms and trends because they are meaningful in the art of one’s self. The ability to display the art of your own self, your perseverance and your resilience are equivalent to the style you strive to illustrate.

Each Letter Analysis of "Blix"

B You are a sensitive person who is also a bit of an introvert. You are a highly loyal person who keeps an open mind and thinks for yourself on a regular basis.
L is a term typically used to describe your failures, however, the "L" in Blix represents how your failures make you stronger.

I is about you, your character traits, and the aura you emit and project. These traits can't be replicated because you're unique.
X You are a sensuous, creative person who effortlessly engages with others and absorbs information like a sponge.

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